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Phiten Shower Head


It works hand in hand with our Cocojor Minicle Micro Bubble to give the human and dog extra boost into your skin and inner organ through the Technology of Phiten. Cocojor Minicle Micro Bubble is the only one that produces the *negative ion that penetrates into the skin in a 3D level where you can actually infuse the body with Phiten. Since all of the ions can take out the deeper clog up and ion kills bacteria then we have a clean surround that we can now infuse with Phiten Aqua Titanium Silica in the body.

*What is Ion?
An atom or a molecule that has a positive or negative electrical charge. Examples are sodium, potassium, calcium, chloride, and phosphate. These ions help move nutrients into cells, help move waste out of cells, and help nerves, muscles, the heart, and the brain work the way they should.
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Phiten Shower Head - $230.00 Prices will go up soon, get it now!
Phiten Infuse Micro Bubble (Does not produce Negative Ion) cleans out Sebum, Perspiration, Dirt from Pores, and Skin.

-Phiten Micro Bubble may help relax the body.
-Micro Bubble is much smaller than the size of pores and hair.
The Microbubbles penetrate deep into the pores to prevent washing residue and create a fine and transparent bare skin.
-Soft water flow that is gentle on the skin. 0.4mm ultra-fine water spray boles for silky, high-density water flow. Reduces damage to the skin with a soft touch.

"Phiten" Shower Head Bubble Only to Infuse the Whole Body

(Does not Produce Ion)

White or Black

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Phiten & Minicle Bubble Shower Hose

(Does Not Come with the Shower Head)


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Phiten Shower Head with Collaboration with Cocojor Minicle Micro Bubble System  


About 30% Water Saving Effect!

Easy to set up.
4 adaptors to match your current handheld shower.
(Note: will not attach directly to the wall. You will need a shower hose.) 

No Cartridge Change Needed

Colors: Black, White.

Technology: Aqua Titanium Silica

Made in Japan

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Phiten’s Heart & Soul

The core of Phiten Technology lies within AQUA-METALS™ – created through a number of unique, patented, proprietary processes that, in part, breaks down specific metals into nanoscopic particles dispersed in water, essentially creating a hydro-colloidal metal. Every Phiten product incorporates some form of this specially-treated, water-soluble metal technology. The purpose they serve, like all of our products, is to help enhance the user’s quality of life.

Research regarding Phiten’s technology is conducted by the Society for Aqua Metal Research, and individual study reports can be found on their website.

Who and What is the Technology of Phiten

Healthy Life Conditioning

The Phiten Story began in Japan over twenty years ago. The company was founded with the belief that everyday people should be able to experience the significant health benefits that the founder, a chiropractor, had been offering to his clients for many years. The Phiten product range has expanded over time, however the founding philosophy remains true to its original values.

President of Phiten Co.,Ltd. Yoshihiro Hirata, summarises these values:

Everything we do, we do for your health.

All our products reflect Phiten’s uncompromising search for "health". Our aim is to provide users with health-promoting technologies and products. We will never offer an item that might have an ill effect on your health, no matter how convenient or useful it may be. That's our philosophy.

After examining the meaning of "health" in this day and age, we directed our attention to the body’s own natural healing power. Everyone has this natural healing power, but it is often weakened by the fatigue and stress accumulated in today's busy lifestyle, upsetting the balance of mind and body. What we need is to draw forth the maximum potential of this inherent power to maintain a perfect balance of mind and body.

Through years of dedicated research, we have developed a number of unique wellness technologies and products. Accordingly, we’ve won the trust of many consumers. We are building on this trust to offer new products that cater to various fields, applying our highly adaptable technologies.

Phiten continues to take on new challenges in serving people around the world by creating more products that answer the desire to enhance and maintain health.

President of Phiten Co.,Ltd. Yoshihiro Hirata

Phiten's unique technology

All Phiten products incorporate a novel form of technology that involves metals broken down into microscopic particles dispersed in water. This process underlines the technologies of a variety of unique materials we possess.

By utilising the property of each material to their maximum capacity, we are able to realize customers’ potentials in a variety of ways, leading to the restoration of the body's normal state of relaxation.

This technology is therefore able to provide us with the support for a more comfortable daily life.


Phiten succeeded in dispersing microscopic titanium particles in water. Titanium is known to have superior bio-compatibility. AQUA TITAN is embedded into every strand of fabric, and simply by wearing it supports regaining the inherent relaxation of body and mind.


A material dispersing microscopic gold particles in water. It has been said that a function of gold is that it smooths neural transmission. AQUA Gold, also excellent in permeability, is applied to a variety of products including "AQUAMIRUM G", a preferred drinking water of a number of top athletes


A material dispersing microscopic silver particles in water. Silver is an excellent material for antibacterial action. By replacing antiseptic agents with this material we are able to exert superior bacteriostatic effects.


A material dispersing microscopic palladium particles in water. Palladium is known as a material with antioxidant functions. The material is applied to the daily-use "Phiten DAY FIT" supporter series.

For details of the scientific research on Phiten's materials, please visit

Minicle Bubble Brush

Inside and Outside usage and no maintenance care it's the best SPAW BATH SYSTEM. Safe, Easy to use and SAVE MONEY! Hook up 3-5 minutes anywhere inside or outside. Best of it all all you have to do is unplug the hose and let the water out and that’s it. No maintenance and best of all it’s built in Japan to last a long time. Look at our other Cocojor products, our world famous Minicle Bubble Brush that has lasted over 12 years and counting!

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Cocojor exclusive all natural Spaw Line - Shampoo, Conditioner and Brush all made in Japan and no one else has this formula except for us. What makes us so different is also our in care and in between care using this that seals the kiss to that skin care program.