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Cocojor Hawaii's All-Season, Authentic Hawaiian Doggie Apparel is "Made in Hawaii". Through extensive research, our products are exquisitely designed for the structure of our beloved four-legged companions. Cocojor designs are created for the "Life Style of the Dogs", and I know that our four-legged companions will feel both comfortable and stylish in our apparels. Cocojor Hawaii's original designs are truly what an authentic "Hawaiian Wear" should be for a dog.

The Hawaii Chamber of Commerce declared in the 1960's that Aloha-Wear "Must be made in Hawaii." The "Aloha Shirt" became a universal symbol of Hawaii's warmth and spirit. With each Cocojor Hawaii design you will feel the beauty and essences of our island. We carry on the Hawaiian tradition by naming our wear after the design it symbolizes, proudly presenting our collection of "Made In Hawaii". The islands' most authentic designs of nostalgic and modern Aloha-Wear, all of which embody the spirit of ALOHA!

Cocojor Hawaii works each day to provide you with high-quality, durable and unique dog apparel and accessories. We do our very best to assure that the quality of our products meet your highest expectations. All Cocojor Hawaii apparel is made by highly-skilled craftsman that produce our islands' best Hawaiian attire for people that can be found in name-brand retailers and department stores.

We have sizes available from Baby, XXS, XS, S, M, L, and XL, and do have some 2XL, 3XL and 4XL sizes available for certain styles. We are the only company to make Hawaiian wear for 2 lbs to 200 lbs sized dogs. We also do custom order for those boutiques that wants to customize around their boutique and clientele's dogs' wardrobes. All of our fabric we selected is in limited design. Since we focus on quality instead of quantity, we are constantly replenishing our product-line with new fabric colors and styles to create that one of kind unique image…anything you can imagine. Enter our showroom to see our latest collection we have for you.

Cocojor Hawaii made its debut December 2002 in Osaka, Japan, at the Japan Kennel Club Dog Show (Japan's Top Dog Show). We have done numerous fashion shows of all breeds strutting down the "dog walk" and events throughout Japan and Hawaii, including a feature on TV Asahi, TODAY Morning Show (during the Westminster Week), Hawaiian Moving Company and have been written up in numerous fashion and dog magazines, such as VOGUE NIPPON. Cocojor Hawaii has also been recently awarded the blue ribbon for the Best Pet Product for 2004.

Cocojor Hawaii is spreading the "Aloha" spirit throughout the canine world, soon to be in your city.

Our company's philosophy and ambition is to become the leader in unique fashions that reflect Hawaii and make our island so special. It would be not true to the spirit and culture of Hawaii to produce our apparel anywhere else. Doing a good job means showing genuine appreciation in our product.

What is the one reason that makes the so-called "brand name" item different from any other merchandise? Pride of the creator, the artisan utilizes every skill they possess and devote it to their creation. In other words, because of the pride and joy of creating we can truly say it's an authentic piece.

Right now we can create Aloha-Wear all over the world. But we've forgotten something crucial, a resolve towards owning a brand name that is both authentic and real. We don't want to lose our pride and joy in the history of Aloha-Wear, started from the grass-root. Aloha-Wear captivates people around the world and you will find our Cocojor Hawaii collection to of authentic "Hawaiian Style Fashion", made right here in our islands.

Born and raised here in Hawaii, I am very fortunate to live and work with a blend of different nationalities. Hawaii is known to be the "Melting Pot of the Pacific". Just like our world of dogs, they come from different countries, and different blends of pedigrees to make what we have today a special blend of harmony.

At Cocojor Hawaii we strive for "Chusei", or Loyalty in Japanese, which is represented by the spirit of "AI" (Love), "SONKEI"(Respect), "SHINRAI" (Trust), and "CHOWA" (Harmony). This spirit has been instilled in Cocojor Hawaii since our childhoods and beginnings, and this spirit of "Chusei" and unconditional love is what we practice in our everyday work and lives.

All the designs created by Cocojor Hawaii are for the life-style of dogs, to make them feel comfortable, pampered, and most of all stylish. You will have fun mixing and matching to create your doggie's outfit from the vast selection of styles we have to choose from. We know that you will enjoy our apparel products that are "Made With Aloha".

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