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We've been in business 21 years.  We are the pioneers of our industry and are Asian Hawaii Woman owned. We are locally-based in Honolulu and Los Angeles. We are known to have the highest quality products from Japan. 

We are the leading-provider in our space with surpassed keen knowledge about the Minicle Micro Bubble Skin Care System that you can learn online 24/7.  Convenient for Pet Owners and Pet Business Owners. You will get first hand easy to learn 20 plus years of best kept secret of How to use the Minicle Micro Bubble Machine the right way. Getting knowledge is the leveraging power of good health.  The true wealth in life.


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Fast - Easy - Save Money 

Say ALOHA to the old traditional way when WATER has always been the source of doing it the right way.  

Three important key element in a 3D level into the body PURE IN Water, Oxygenation and Blood Circulation the Key of Life System.  PURE OUT - Toxics, Chemical and Airborne. Cocojor aka Monica Shigenaga the Pet Trusted Advisor & Founder teaches a proven turn key solution system.  

Cocojor is not just a salespeople — We add value to your business and everyday health and wellness care for the modern pet owner. 


Environmentally Friendly - Take Control - Save Money

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Cocojor Minicle Micro Bubble Spaw System


On-Line Training Courses

  • Individual Course + Business Course
  • Machine Only
  • One on One Training
  • Webinar 24/7 E-Library

Book your FREE 15 Consultation and Demonstration is Available in Hawaii Kai. 

We also have special demonstration throughout the North America and Japan more countries to come. 

Worldwide Service and Access 24/7 

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Your pooch is waiting for it's Itchy and Stinky Smell to go away! 



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WARNING! If you're a dog lover, are you making these MISTAKES when it comes to giving your dog a bath did you know you can DETOX Your DOG… keeping them healthy, clean, and treating their skin and coat problems?

All The Tools You Need for your Skin issues.

Monica Shigenaga works from the inside out….why because we are passionate in finding solutions to problems to give it clarity into a lifestyle ♻️ for both human and pets.  (Great for everyday use for Psoriasis and skin issues) preventative skin care for everyone. 

Find out how you can own your Custom Made Minicle Micro Bubble Machine. Includes Mini Course to Human and Dog Skin Care. 

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Pure In - Pure Out - Power of Water

Power of Water - We were never education about it and you wonder why? Dr. Masaru Emoto, from Japan the expert of Healing Power of Water explain that “It’s Chronic Water Shortage in the body that causes most diseases of the body”.   

Simply with the power of water and it’s all natural way to Dog Detox from the inside out. No harsh chemical or medication for the dogs. Pure enlighten way to do it ALL NATURALLY! Unconditional love to connect with your fur babies!  Say ALOHA to bad body odor! 

The best proven method is to DETOX your dog from the inside out no matter how much medications, dog foods & treats you give that is so called “Holistic” way.  It won’t really help since you need to move the inside of the organ like “Yoga” by hitting certain trigger point, meridian line (Acupressure) and opening up the Charka & Energy level of the dog. REAL way to get the toxic out of the body. 

So you can put in oxygenation and the blood circulation will start to move.  At the same time we are replenishing the skin with FRESH WATER that goes deep into the skin that acts like a third kidney.  

Results - IT WORKS! Awakening feeling for your dog first time in their life they will feel refresh from the bones to the skin and from paw to paw!  Smell good kisses, poop and pee from your dog, the optimum natural healthy way of lifestyle.

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THIS is the #1 All Natural Way to Detox your DOG!

Organically natural solution that we were never taught until NOW!  

Get ready Modern Day Pet Owner you are finally in CONTROL!

HOW??? DIY (Do it Yourself) at home, create or add into your business!

Our world famous Minicle Micro Bubble Machine on how your Dog can enjoy and your entire family can enjoy 100%.  Hook it up to your existing shower, sink or outside spigot and start enjoying the benefit of Minicle Micro Bubble!

Eco-Friendly, NO Electricity......only the power of WATER! 

We now have two size Standard size weight only 7.5 lbs and Compact size 7.0 lbs both are compact but yet built to last!

  •  Remove Toxins & Excess Oil
  •  Senior Pets Especially LOVES it!
  •  Pre and Post Natal Care for Pregnant Dogs and Puppies
  •  Deepest Cleaning System Available
  • 20 years of SECRET on HOW TO DO!
  •  Reduce Stress for both you and your beloved pooch!
  •  Relaxing Spa Massage
  •  Completely Holistic & All Natural
  • No More Waiting for Vets and Groomer Appointments

You to LEARN and EARN with our Cocojor System that you become part of our family "Ohana"

What are you waiting for!  Check us out and book appointment to find this SECRET!


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Get your your Free Guidebook to Itchy & Stinky Dog + FREE 30 TIPS on Health & Wellness for you and your Pooch

And connect with your fur babies with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE! And because this is a "do it yourself kit" you'll save time and money by saying goodbye to expensive monthly bills from vet, medication, change of dog food, ointment, powder, pills, etc!

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2.4 Million Views on YouTube 

Not only Cocojor teaches about Minicle Micro Bubble but also gives Natural Remedies Tips for your Fur-Babies!


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All The Tools You Need To Get Rid of the Itchy Stinky Dog! 

And this is just the tip of the iceberg! But it gets even better! Because if you’re interested, I can even show you how you can turn this into a lucrative part time or full time business that will pay you handsomely by offering these amazing all-natural spa treatments that you’ll soon become so passionate about! Of course I don’t have time in a short video like this to cover everything here... However, if I’ve sparked your interest, and you are excited to learn more, I want to invite you to a free private video training where I will cover all of this and more! If that sounds good, then here is what I want you to do next...

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Just imagine...

❌No more expensive Vet bills...

❌No more poor dog health...

❌No more unhappy pets!

❌No more expensive medication...

❌No more balding of the fur...

And that's not all! Once your dog starts moving the toxic inside the body it will come out naturally, and you'll be amazed at how good the overall smell of your dog's body odor, poop and pee will be!

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Did you know 70% of veterinarian visits are due to skin issues? Yep!

But this amazing compact, NO electricity Minicle Micro Bubble system can help your dog with MANY different skin issues and overall well being...

And best of all, you’ll be using a natural and holistic approach...

So you can naturally detox your dog... They’ll be happier and healthier and overall experience a better well-being... Dog that smells good, less itchiness and spends more time enjoying life!......

Isn’t that what you truly want for your pet? Then what are you waiting for?

Enter your name and email address above to learn more! You’ll be glad you did.

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