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Which Minicle Micro Bubble Bath Machine System is right for you?

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Great for Home or Apartment

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Great for Home or Business

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As you saw it yourself we move it around in four different areas of the body to remove toxins, debris and waste it in 3D effect. 

You can't do that with a regular bath or micro bubble shower head. Main difference is that you can't compare the tools used at the human spa or dog grooming salon vs the household shower head or those recycle micro bubble systems you see online. 

Cocojor Minicle Micro Bubble design brings both worlds into our "Heaven" and "Angel" design. First of it's kind Eco-Friendly using no electricity and compact to take it anywhere on the go!

Indoor and Outdoor use as long as you have access to a water spigot you can connect anywhere. 

Our simple turn key system with exclusive products made in Japan. We create the finest and  highest technology. Mindfulness of the natural elements of Nature.

Truly creating products under the DNA = Dog Natural Anatomy. Our system includes our world famous Minicle Micro Bubble Brush. Our very own all natural Spaw Collection 

Pure in Pure out theory of WATER + SKIN

All The Tools You Need To Deep Clean yourself and pet!

The ultimate Pet Spaw at home that you can DIY (DO IT YOURSELF) at your own time, save money and resolve constant grooming, going to the vet and saying goodbye to medications, dog food changes, ointment and more!  

Cocojor Patented products for the past 20 years are all exclusively MADE IN JAPAN due to certain toxic chemicals being BANNED in JAPAN and not in the USA and other countries. Durability, Quality and made to last!

We have Pet Lovers from all walks of life buying our Minicle Micro Bubble System.

Makes so much sense when 70% of skin issues are right there due to Toxics, Chemicals and Airborne around us! 😱


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URGENT NEWS FOR DOG OWNERS! Now there is a new and better, 100% all-natural way to keep your furry babies, healthy, clean and smelling great! 


The Itchy & Stinky All Natural Remedy to Dog Skincare Machine available for everyone!  You can buy the machine and now DIY yourself. For those pet lover who want to take it to the next level we have 24/7 Online Course - Cocojor Team guides dog parents to take their dogs' skin from problematic to thriving so they can save on vet bills, stop the constant scratching, odor and transform their overall wellbeing.

Dogs with chronic skin conditions, itchy, stinky coats of fur, will soon rejoice due to an innovative, new deep-cleaning treatment being launched at this year’s 2023 Super Zoo that’s gentle enough for everyday use to detox dogs for a healthier lifestyle. Booth 6377 to check out our Eco-Friendly powerful deep skin cleaning machine only using the power of WATER!

COCOJOR is changing the pet industry. THE EVOLUTION OF COCOJOR PET SKINCARE SYSTEM.  Turn-Key solution to create the most effective or sophisticated pet skin care program.  Anyone can do anywhere, anytime and any place!  Telling real stories about real people and are meant to inspire and motivate other real people to realize they can do the same, they can achieve their potential and their love for their pet!

The Minicle Micro Bubbles treatment has garnered a strong following in Hawaii and was introduced by Cocojor Hawaii in Honolulu.  For the past two years pet lover are now enjoying doing it themselves and now we have North American groomers, dog trainers and pet owner buying our machine as well join our 24/7 Cocojor Classroom online courses, webinars, seminars, workshops and private sessions.

The treatment solely utilizes warm water Minicle Micro Bubbles that are 1/1000th the size of normal water bubbles and are more effective than typical shampoos and cleaning agents.  In addition, each Minicle Micro Bubble contains negative ions, which react with the positive ions found in the dirt, odors and oils found on a dog’s skin and coat, providing the ultimate cleaning experience.  

Monica Shigenaga, Cocojor’s owner and founder, decided to launch the Minicle Micro Bubbles treatment at this year’s SuperZoo after personally realizing its benefits for the past 20 plus years.  10 years ago Cocojor launch it’s compact electric Minicle Micro Bubble System at the Super Zoo. From there we took the time to see what the Pet market really needs after Covid. We came up with Eco-Friendly, Compact, No Recycle Water and NO Eletric only the power of WATER - Pure In and Pure Out to make negative Ions! 

Shigenaga was the first one in the United States back in 2003, Before her passing, my dog Coco had a debilitating skin condition that couldn’t be cured by conventional medical treatments,” Shigenaga said.  “I had learned about Micro Bubbles’ popularity in Japan back 2003 and decided to try it out at Cocojor with Coco.  Much to our happiness, the deep cleaning of this treatment meant fewer skin problems and a better quality of life for Coco, which is why I wanted to bring this treatment to all dogs.”

Shigenaga said due to their small size, Minicle Micro Bubbles can penetrate dogs’ fur to deep clean even the tiniest pores on a dog and remove parasites such as fleas.  As the bubbles interact with a dog’s skin, old sebum (naturally occurring body oils) and keratin (outer skin and hair cells) are lifted away, leaving skin naturally moisturized with the proper balance of sebum and water.  This perfectly balanced skin that’s obtained after a treatment is why many common, irritating skin conditions that.

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You want to know how that box of our Minicle Micro Bubble Machine works?

Hey, l am sure your client and yourself are wondering,“Saying anyone can wash and shower a dog”. What's the big deal about this Minicle Micro Bubble coming out of this machine box vs shower head?  

Answer is: 

Sophisticated Rainfall Water pressure, no electrical circuit and no recycled water. Pure difference inside the water that is coming out that deep clean into the skin like no other system can do. 

 Wait what??????  

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We have Dog Walkers, Groomers and Pet Parents buying our Cocojor Skin Care System! Create your paw-ssion for pets into a side business or add it into your existing business!  

Simply with the power of WATER through the SKIN the largest organ of the body that acts like the third kidney. It's an all natural way to deep clean and detox from the inside out.  No harsh chemicals or medication for the dogs. Pure enlighten way to do it ALL NATURALLY!

Unconditional love to connect with your fur babies!  Say ALOHA to bad body odor!

No Dogs or Humans can be allergic to WATER! It's so simple you can use this machine yourself. All of my smart clients have been buying and using it for their whole Family. BTW Pets are part of the family to stay heathy and clean!





When dogs have a food allergy, you can simply keep them from eating what they’re allergic to. Unfortunately, you can’t do the same for springtime or year around allergies. But, there are many things you can do to reduce your dog’s exposure and manage their symptoms.


You can actually do all of the below with Cocojor Minicle Micro Bubble System that you can DEEP Clean, Detox your pooch and yourself while you take out the nasty airborne debris, toxics and chemicals out from the body. Thoroughly cleaning them with our Cocojor Minicle Micro Bubble System. Our specialized sophisticated water goes deep into their skin like a 3D - 5D level. No other products can do that by producing negative Ion* to attract the unnecessary things that are trapped into the body that kills it.

Negative and positive ions have indeed been shown to have bactericidal effects. In addition, since ozone is generated along with ions, these may contribute to the bacterial killing.

Does your body need negative Ions?

Negative ions are beneficial for the human +  dog body while positive ions are harmful. In fact, you will find the highest concentrations of negative ions in natural, clean air. Ions are invisible charged particles in the air – either molecules or atoms, which bear an electric charge. 

Your body's barriers know what to let in (nutrients) and what to ward off (toxins). But the barriers must be strong. ION* works to strengthen your gut, sinus, and skin barriers at a cellular level by fostering tight junction integrity, helping to promote this intelligent defense system at a foundational level.

Machine Only for Personal Use 

Great way to start and upgrade later to Individual Course and Business Course

No Course Modules and No Certification and License

Lifestyle Use


Human with Skin Problems

Individual Course 

Individual DIY & Freedom to get Highest Quality Education for our pooch overall wellbeing.  No other Micro Bubble System on the market now will give you the knowledge that was never taught in School, Veterinarian and Groomer visits. 

While Loving Your Passions For Dogs! Save Time, Money And Solutions For Your Dog.

Maybe you want to start you own Business later on!  You can easily take the Business additional course  to continue your education. Simply by letting us know to upgrade you to the next level. 

Beginners who are passionate to learn and earn.

You will learn all the HOW to do the Minicle Micro Bubble System. 

10 Course Modules and Certificate License

Stay at Home Mom
Dog Show Fancier

Groomers Natural Skin Care Services

Business Course

For the Entrepreneur Business People. Freedom to Create Your Own Pet Business! Think out of the Box to create your Pet Spaw, Dog Spaw Studio, Mobile Bubble Van and MORE!  

Excellent to Add Into Existing Business for Groomers, Mobile Groomers, Dog Daycare, Breeders, Dog Trainers, Veterinarian, Dog Walkers, Mobile Pet  Skin Care Technician and MORE!

Imagine Creating Your Own Business with the love for PETS! Sky is the limited and FREEDOM to control your own destiny.

TURN-KEY solution that has been proven for the last 20 years! 

Learn and Earn to create a new business or add it to your existing business!

Perfect for the Entrepreneur who love PETS and Earn Money

You will learn all the HOW to do the Minicle Micro Bubble System. 

15 Course Modules and Business License

Dog Walker


Dog Trainer



Cocojor Minicle Micro Bubble all you have to do is deep clean

We call it F3 which is the FEET, FACE, FANNY. Washing down the belly area with only WATER pure in and pure out


It's so easy just hook our Minicle Micro Bubble System to any shower or outdoor spigot and it's ready to go!


Bathe your dog more often especially if they spend lots of time outdoors. If they’re already scratching, you can use specialized dog shampoos that help relieve itchiness. But, bathing too often can also dry their skin and worsen their condition, so don’t overdo it.

Once per week with a gentle shampoo should be enough with our all natural Cocojor Spaw Collection.  Instead you can just deep clean with Water using our Minicle Micro Bubble System after a walk and need a weekly touch up we call F3 - (Face, Feet, Fanny) belly area. 



In between baths, wipe your dog’s fur with a damp cloth and rinse their paws with some cool water after spending time outdoors. This will help clean off the allergens they’ve come in contact with. Not only will that minimize their allergic reactions but also lessen the amount of outdoor allergens they take into your home.

If your dog’s paws are already irritated, they might nip at it and lick excessively. Often, that leads to drying and cracking. Make sure you learn how to heal cracked paws to manage their itchy feet and keep their condition from getting worse.

What is Minicle Micro Bubble?


Use in Shower or Tub

(Difference of Minicle Micro Bubble Water with Ion)

It's not your cheap shower head 

Use it Outdoor


Use it Indoor

(We got 2.4 Million Views)


  1. Fur/Coat is the 1st layer of the surface (that is where regular showers or hose stop to clean.)

  2. Skin is the 2nd layer that the Minicle Micro Bubble is a soft milky white as you can see it starts to penetrate deep into the skin like scavenger and gently exfoliates through the skin and into the inner organs.

  3. Micro and Nano are very Mini that create the Miracle effect pulling out the toxins by the powerful technology our Minicle Micro Bubble is able to reach deep in the skin.  Thus bringing in oxygen and moving the blood circulation by doing this helps flesh the toxin out of the body.  (Regular or Micro Shower head cannot do this)


The skin is the largest organ of your dog's body.

Depending on the species and age, the skin maybe 12 to 24% of a dog's body weight.

The skin has 3 major layers:

> The Outermost layer (Epidermis)

>  The middle layer (dermis)

> The Innermost layer (subcutis)

Dogs don't use their skin to perspire, like humans, because of their insulating coat. Their coat keeps them both cool in hot weather and warm in cool weather. Their skin is thinner and much more sensitive than human skin.

Minicle Bubble Brush

Inside and Outside usage and no maintenance care it's the best SPAW BATH SYSTEM. Safe, Easy to use and SAVE MONEY! Hook up 3-5 minutes anywhere inside or outside. Best of it all all you have to do is unplug the hose and let the water out and that’s it. No maintenance and best of all it’s built in Japan to last a long time. Look at our other Cocojor products, our world famous Minicle Bubble Brush that has lasted over 12 years and counting!

Buy Now Minicle Bubble Brush

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Cocojor exclusive all natural Spaw Line - Shampoo, Conditioner and Brush all made in Japan and no one else has this formula except for us. What makes us so different is also our in care and in between care using this that seals the kiss to that skin care program.