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Cocojor Hawaii has creatively and ingeniously intertwined the human and dog experience. Man and his best friend are welcome to relax and rejuvenate side-by-side since 2002. Monica Shigenaga, owner and founder of one of Hawaii’s most loyal and promising entrepreneurs, started her career in the pet industry as the founder and pioneer of Aloha-wear for dogs. Deemed its title and significance in the 1960s, the “Aloha Shirt” became a universal symbol of Hawaii’s warmth and spirit. Monica became the first to introduce this product to the dog world by building a business devoted to her main passions; her 2 American Staffordshire Terriers (Coco & Jordan) hence thereafter COCOJOR and the beauty and essence of her island.

Aloha-wear was just the very beginning of her long line of successes and endeavors. After her debut in December of 2002 at one of Japan’s top dog shows in Osaka, Monica’s line quickly became a sensation that swept the country and eventually traveled overseas. Being featured and awarded by numerous publications like DOG FANCY magazine, VOGUE Japan and InTouch gave Monica the exact buzz and foundation she needed to extend her reach in other areas: dog lifestyle and health.

By the time they opened their flagship store in Oahu since 2007, Cocojor had its own Zen Spa Collection, Doggie Fragrance line, and a variety of award winning Cooling Products designed for dogs living in warmer areas. Monica also pioneered the 2005 Minicle Micro Bubble cleaning treatment, which was an innovation that brought healing solutions especially to dogs with problematic skin. Cocojor shop has blossomed from its retail groundwork into Cocojor Emporium & Spaw, a full-service dog haven where owners and their pets can enjoy life’s simple pleasures together. Some of these pleasures include an Internet Café & Barkery, Spaw/Grooming services, and doggie boarding, Cocojor Canine Country Club, training & doga classes which went on hiatus in 2013. Since 2002 Cocojor Hawaii products you can get it online service. Expanded to Los Angeles area since 2015 focusing on group and private consulting services. As if all of this hasn’t been enough, Monica is already planning her next course of action and there isn’t telling of when she’ll stop.