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Aloha ,

Happy Holidays to your and your family. This year marks our 20th year anniversary and we would love to thank you for all your love and support you have given us.

Our loyalty coupons of aloha is our way of saying "MAHALO" for all continue support for local business.

Be mindful and conscious on what you give your dog and your pooch friends.  Perfect Stocking Stuff is our Exclusive Gift of All Natural Products that is actually good for their wellbeing!

Cocojor's way of service is all about passion and the quality we provide. We will have workshops, webinars, seminars for you to join. Special promotion to share with the modern day pet owner.

There is always a “BOL -BARKAWTY” at Cocojor Dog Sanctuary & Spaw in Hawaii Kai. Mahalo for supporting local Small Business!

Read to the end to find out the Biggest Coupon Deal of 2022!

Happy Thanksgiving & Aloha,
Monica Shigenaga & Staff


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πŸΆπŸ› Cocojor's Minicle Micro Bubble Session is Back! Book Now by Appointment Only (808) 592-3647 (DOGS) for the SPECIAL price! Space is Limited.

Every Dog Needs a SPAW day. Learn more about our DIY Cocojor Skin Care System.

Enjoy a day at Cocojor Sanctuary and Spaw for Dog. Demo and Deep Clean Grooming Service for your beloved Pooch.

Private One on One Session in Hawaii Kai at Cocojor Canine Sanctuary & Spaw. Day at the Spaw with your pooch to enjoy the tranquility essence and learn the SECRET.

Loan to Learn Program with No Interest, In-House Payment plan 2-3-6-12-18 months.

The ONLY way to Deep Clean Your Pooch! Get Rid of Airborne & Years of Parasites that is stuck in the skin and fur.

Check out the AFTER video on the Itchy & Stinky Ears!

PROVEN FOR 20 years! Why Wait?

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πŸΆπŸ›.Sniff and Gift our All Natural Hawaiian Zen Spaw Collection. Our world famous Shampoo, Conditioner and Minicle Micro Bubble Brush. Get 10% off on All Spaw Products. CODE SCJAS10. Offer good till December 31,2022

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Celebrating our 20th Anniversary!

You can cancel anytime and choice from Every 30 Days, Every 60 Days, Every 90 Days

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πŸΆπŸ›.Our world famous Shampoo, Conditioner Sign up for our Shampoo Challenge! Sign up to get it for $12.00 ($20/Regular Price). Valid for one only

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Perfect Gifts for the Holiday Season!

Paws Up Stocking Stuffer
Great Gifts to Furry Friends
Save Money & Time
Celebrating our 20th Anniversary!
Exclusive Made in Hawaii Dog Apparel

Mystery Grab Box ALOHA PAW GIFT $50.00 of mixed dog clothes worth over $200.00 part of our 20th year Anniversary special!

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BIGGEST COUPON DEAL URGENT!!! SIGN UP NOW AND GET 10% - 20% off - on our Minicle Micro Bubble Machine and Course. Limited Time Offer

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During this recession we all need to help one another! Cocojor NEW In-House Finance Program "Loan and Learn Program" Excellent way for you and your Itchy & Stinky Pooch to enjoy the benefits. Save Money, Time and Results!

  • Interest FREE
  • No Credit Check
  • Access to Cocojor private in-house finance subscription. Each month we will automatic withdraw from your credit card on file.

Schedule now for a One on One to learn more about how you can own Minicle Micro Bubble System!

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THIS is the #1 All Natural Way to Detox your DOG!

Get ready to DIY at home, create or add into your business! Our world famous Minicle Micro Bubble Machine on how your Dog can enjoy and your entire family can enjoy 100%. Hook it up to your existing shower or sink and start enjoying the benefit of Minicle Micro Bubble!

The Itchy and Stinky Dog Guidebook

Discover the 100% All-Natural Way To Detox Your Fur Babies And Keep Them Healthy, Clean & Smelling Great!

Click Here Free Guidebook

Eco-Friendly, NO Eletric......only the power of WATER! Weight only 7.5 lbs so compact but yet built to last!

  • Remove Toxins & Excess Oil
  • Senior Pets Especially LOVES it!
  • Pre and Post Natal Care for Pregnant Dogs and Puppies
  • Deepest Cleaning System Available with HOW TO DO!
  • Reduce Stress for both you and your beloved pooch!
  • Relaxing Spa Massage
  • Completely Holistic & All Natural
  • You to LEARN and EARN with our Cocojor System that you become part of our family "Ohana"

What are you waiting for! Check us out and book an appointment to find this SECRET!!

Happy Thanksgiving,

Monica Shigenaga






If you are ready to find out how we can help you with your issues on dog skincare. Give us 15 minutes for your FREE consultation to discovery the WORLD of difference for the Itchy & Stinky Dog! All Natural and Organically done by YOU! 

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