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HAPPY 20th Anniversary Cocojor

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MAHALO! Thank you to everyone for all of your LOVE and SUPPORT!

We made our 20th anniversary on May 24, 2022, exciting to share with everyone on our “NEW WAY” in breaking the ground from traditional dog care.

When it comes to keeping your fur babies clean and healthy, there is nothing better than my proprietary, do it yourself, compact Minicle Micro Bubble cleansing system that uses NO electricity...only the power of water! 

And when you combine this with my specially formulated, all natural Cocojor skincare and shampoo - exclusively created by COCOJOR - well, there is absolutely NOTHING else like it on earth when it comes to the effective skin care health of your pet!

For the past 20 years we are the only one who has the “secret” formula that is made in Japan with ALOHA!

First Dibs & Pre-Launch to our Faithful Clients: 

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Any order from our Cocojor Spaw collection you will receive "FREE GIFT". Our world famous Award winning Cooling Vest to keep you pooch cool at 65 degrees, no refrigeration need.  Eco-Friendly. While Supplies Last. (Value $40)

  1.  Cocojor Canine Skincare Courses - HUGE Launch Discounts!!!

First time available to the public the "SECRET" method that you can learn and make money! 📚💰

Get your own:

  • Patent & Custom Made Minicle Micro Bubble Machine Eco-Friendly no Eletric and MADE in JAPAN.
  • Learn How to Do It On-line Private Classroom 24/7
  • LIVE Q&A Weekly Session!
  • Spaw Kit Program to get you started for Individual or Business courses. 

Learn More About Our Courses!

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  1. Free AffiliateSign Up - Cocojor is always about giving back. Earn up to $4,000 and more! No obligation. Let us stand together to change our pet care ways. 

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Learn How to Create Passive Income!!! 

In 2015 Monica Shigenaga, founder of Cocojor moved to Beverly Hills, CA and opened up Cocojor Headquarter Office.

Monica went on to embark on Research and Development for Cocojor Minicle Micro Bubble. She created a platform to help everyone enjoy the win-win benefit with using Three Concept:

Learn - Motivate - Gratitude 

Monica was scouted to work as a Business Consultant, in Los Angeles to an International renown Health and Wellness Company for the past 7 years. 

While traveling around the world Monica research and study what is needed for the Modern Day Pet Owner.

2020, due to the Pandemic Monica came back to Honolulu were she vigorously create a program to implemented her 20 years plus of work in the pet industry. 

  • To Educate About Natural Pet Care
  • Solutions for pet owner for their constant problems with skin care and other elements.
  • To Create Benefits to make passive income, while solving solutions towards the problems.

Take advantage of this special offer that she create a simple easy way to learn online in your exclusive private Cocojor Classroom to learn anywhere in the world, 24/7.

Don't forget to check out our award winning products that you can order online in our shop. 

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Monica was able to Develop a Concept that literally came back in full circle. As a dog parent she watched and lost sleep at night worrying about her client’s dog’s health……  

Then please listen up because Monica will be sending you in the next newsletters the most important video newsletter you will watch all year……… 

Once again, Thank you for the past 20 years and looking forward to more years to come to help parent owner live a happy and healthy lifestyle! 


If you are ready to find out how we can help you with your issues on dog skincare. Give us 15 minutes for your FREE consultation to discovery the WORLD of difference for the Itchy & Stinky Dog! All Natural and Organically done by YOU! 

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