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Pooch Itchy behind their Ear could be Clog Up the Vagus Nerve on Your Dog

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How Massaging the Vagus Nerve to Detox

What is Vagus Nerve and not Las Vegas


Did you know that new evidence reveals the critical role the vagus nerve plays in preventing Covid-19’s dangerous cytokine storms to help with long term Covid to work on our Vagus Nerve for Human. So does our pooch we need to keep them healthy as well.

Medical News About Long Term Covid

Atopic dermatitis (AD) is one of the most common skin diseases of dogs. Defects in the skin barrier and overproduction of inflammatory cytokines may be the pathogenesis of canine AD. Therefore, the present study was aimed to quantify the gene expression of certain skin barrier proteins and inflammatory cytokines in dogs with AD

Great Article To Learn More

Today we will tap in to why the Vagus Nerve aka Information Superhighway communicate with the body. An integral part of dog massage and detox is the vasovagal nerve, also known as the vagus nerve.

This nerve is the longest in the dog’s body. During Cocojor Detox and massage, we stimulation the vagus nerve can help a canine with acute or chronic illness. The vasovagal nerve starts at the brain and goes all the way to the large intestine.


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Did you know that the Dog Vagus Nerve plays a huge part of their over all health……..

The vagus nerve is connected from the gastrointestinal tract to the brain. It runs directly from the base of the brain (around the ears) all the way down through the spine, and chest into the abdomen.

Just like in humans, dogs have two vagus nerves, one on each side of the body, running from the brainstem through the neck to the heart and other organs.

What is the K9 Vagus Nerve? (And why should I care?)
The vagus nerve is the 10th cranial nerve, and it’s both the key to stress the imbalance dogs face as well as the solution.

It’s also the longest nerve in the body. It travels from the brain all the way down to the distal large intestine. It regulates the heart rate, breathing rate, blood pressure, digestion, and everything in between. It even plays a role in hearing, vision, and mental functioning (among other things).

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Ways To Stimulate the K9 Relaxation Response
So, let’s be honest. It’s unlikely we can get our dogs to gargle or purposely exhale slowly! Thankfully, there are some ways to activate the vagus that are more K9-friendly.

Here are a few ways to stimulate the vagus nerve that make more sense that works on dogs:

Yup this may surprise you many people report that getting a dog that is anxious about something (e.g., thunder, fireworks) to bark at the sound calms the dog and lessens the anxiety. This likely works like humming or chanting does in humans.

Massage of the neck, ears, and head can be very beneficial. This is because the vagus travels near the neck and ears. Deep massage of this area can lead to relaxation and activation of the vagus. (The nerve is buried deep in the neck, but it’s possible to activate it indirectly with massage.)

Cocojor World Famous Minicle Micro Bubble Brush will work it’s magic! Use it Dry or Wet it’s the best way to get deep into their Vagus Nerves that needs the right kind of of touch! Our clients rave about our brush last forever and a very well worth it! Look at our Pop Up special.

Cold Water Facial Stimulation (The Diving Relex)
When cold water touches the face (for example humans immerse their face in a bowl of ice water for ~30 seconds to a minute – do NOT do this in K9s as they will panic). If you do it the right way it elicits a strong relaxation response. Ideally in cold water, that is a great way to increase relaxation with doing with Minicle Micro Bubble and Massage.

In our next newsletter we talk more about Minicle Micro Bubble and why it works on the Vagus Nerve with Water Therapy aka Hydrotherapy has always been the best solution to heal in the Animal Kingdom health.

Hydrotherapy, also known as the water cure, is quickly gaining popularity. It is a branch of alternative medicine that involves the use of water to treat a disease, relieve pain or maintain health. One of the most common forms of hydrotherapy is hot cold shower therapy. Hot cold shower therapy is claimed to have many benefits for health including boosting immunity and circulation. It is also claimed to support the body’s detoxification system.

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