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🐶🦠 What can cause my dog itchiness so bad?

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Aloha ,

Many thanks for all of your love and support!  Great seeing people at our Cocojor Pop Up to answer questions and meeting you face to face.  

Because of my client I am able to share my love and passion for Minicle Micro Bubble system and how to take care of our fur babies naturally.  

Here are tips on how I look at your fur babies skin, coat and overall assessment that you can do at home to figure out what is going on with them.  

Friendly reminder too that many veterinarians bypass the thought that dogs can psychological can cause the itching. Remember our fur babies are like antenna and pick up energy around them. Just as with humans who bite their nails or develop other obsessive habits when nervous, dogs can turn to itching when they are experiencing anxiety.

Once the furry client is settled in, a skin and coat assessment takes place to determine any concerns, such as hot spots or bumps that may be new. The pads are checked, as are the ears for evidence of infection.

If any issues are present, take photos and videos and explains the condition. When you call Cocojor or go to the veterinary, it's easier to understand the underlying problem. The owner's interpretation "bad" and my "bad" could be different. 

Better way to do it by doing a FREE 15 minutes Discovery Call to help you understand what is going on. No obligation at all, me helping our beloved four legged friend.

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Understanding the science and structure of the canine skin and coat is key to this process, and considers grooming to be a combination of attributes embracing science, art, skill and expertise, all contributing to a healthy glow.

For example, for a dog with some redness, or a little bit of splotchy on the belly, my recommendation might be that we go ahead and do a detox and then cleanse and condition, I can’t truly diagnose, but I can say, this is a symptom or sign of a certain condition.

While I does not make specific food suggestions, I might advise adding a probiotic to a dog’s diet, while providing education regarding the roots of certain skin conditions. There are so many brands and types of foods on the market, so if people ask, I tell them what I feed my own dogs.

Here is an Easy Great Tip - Usually, a food allergy is from the rib cage forward, so if you see a lot of redness, or ear infections or paw licking, chances are it’s a food allergy. If it’s from the rib cage back and they have a lot of redness with itching and licking, then I start looking for little critters. Finally assessment of the complete body and we dive deep into our system to deep clean and give them that extra boost of detox. 

Once the evaluation is complete, then we go to my tub. that is when the magic happens with our Minicle Micro Bubble System. Basically, it’s our eco-friendly, clean energy machine has a patent specialize tank and inlet. Our patent dual shower head that creates the Minicle Micro Bubbles puts an extra oxygen molecule into the water that creates negative ION and that has a lot of great properties—anti-fungal, antibacterial—there’s a marked difference after one session.

In the seniors, after surgery or pregnant dog, it is like a spa bath or a hot tub is for us when we have a sore muscle. The Functions of Minicle ™ Micro Bubble is the combination of micro-nano bubbles can increase the concentration of aqueous solution, eliminate reactive oxygen species, have cleaning, anti-inflammatory, improving skin diseases and other effects. 

Cocojor Shampoo and Conditioner products are exquisite, top end, made in Japan. Those nasty chemical that causes a lot of skin problems in USA made shampoo.  

A lot of these chemicals are BANNED in Japan therefore our line of Shampoo and Conditioner use a very small amount, so even though they seem expensive, they are pretty comparable to other shampoo costs.

Honestly once people see and feel the difference, they are hooked. We make them in small batches so it's always FRESH and self life is around 3 years. Almost 15 years since 2009 our special kept secret with our manufacture in Japan making sure that our ingredients is tested and nobody copies.  Original and Plumeria scent that takes your fur babies to another level of cleanliness. 

Pups luxuriating in the tub also undergo Micro Bubble therapy, which accelerates the healing process for a range of issues.  Soon it will be veterinary approved!

Happy Holidays and Bad Weather is approaching and when it's sunny we take our beloved pooch who was stuck in the home to finally go out. Beware there is a lot of exposure now that the grounds will be oozing out unknown toxics, airborne and chemicals.  

Best way to keep them healthy is by preventative care with our Mincle Micro Bubble System that uses no electricity, compact weighs 7 lbs and no recycle water! Use it indoor hook it up to our existing shower and outdoor spigot that easy 3 minutes. 

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Saturday December 9th

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Saturday - December 9th from 11:00 am - 3:00 pm. 

Cocojor Eco-Friendly Minicle Micro Bubble System.

"HEAVEN" + "ANGEL" Machine display to ask questions.   

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  ↓↓↓More details below↓↓↓ Learn How Minicle Micro Bubble Session works! Seeing it to Believe it.


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