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🐢 Windward Mall Cocojor's Pop this Saturday, October 14th

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Recycle Water & Electricity

Cocojor's Journey in Creating our Minicle Micro Bubble to Enjoy!

Recycle Water & Electricity

Aloha ,

Cocojor Pop Up this Saturday, October 14th from 10 am to 8 pm very long hours.  We will be located on the 2nd floor next to the escalator.  Come on down to support 80 + LOCAL vendors and start your holiday shopping early. 

We are very honored to be selected as a Finalist for the 2023 Pet Product News - Editors' Choice Awards that will be announced in January 2024.


Outdoor Temperatures is getting hotter than normal.......

CLICK - Watch Cooling Vest Works!

CLICK - Buy Now - Sizes 2XS - 4XL

Many outdoor activities seem perfect for the fall, but dogs love doing them in the cooler fall temperatures! Dogs prefer to be outside when the temperature drops because it’s easier for them to run around and enjoy themselves without getting overheated. 

But with this kind of HOT weather you might need our Award Winning Cooling Vest. Keeps your dog cool at 65 degrees.  Eco-Friendly all you need to just put it in water and it will stay cool for 3 weeks plus. Reuse them multiple time.  I have clients telling me they still have them for 12 plus years! 

Cocojor’s hallmark Hawaii 5-0 Cooling Vest. It’s made with a special non toxic gel.  When the vest is wet, it keeps a temperature of 65 degrees, keeping the dog cool with no refrigeration needed.

Pre-order or Buy Online - CLICK HERE TO BUY Our ECO-FRIENDLY cooling product was tested in Afghanistan at 125 degrees and it stayed cool in that heat.

2004 Dog Fancy Magazine Award winner for Innovation and Creativity made in Hawaii with Aloha.

Cocojor sponsors the Honolulu International Airport K9 Unit to keep these hard-working dogs cool and comfortable!

We are currently taking Spaw & Showroom appointment in Hawaii Kai again you can book it through:

πŸΆπŸ’¦Book your Spaw & Showroom Appointment in Hawaii Kai

 Call to learn how you can be in CONTROL of your overall skin and water health inside and out! CLICK HERE TO BOOK APPOINTMENT or call us at 808-592-3647 (DOGS), 

  ↓↓↓More details below↓↓↓ Learn How Minicle Micro Bubble Session works! Seeing it to Believe it.



Recycle Water & Electricity

COCOJOR Minicle Micro Bubble Machine -  Finalist for the 2023 Pet Product News - Editors' Choice Award!


Check Out George Session

CLICK HERE TO WATCH! Cooling Product




During this recession we all need to help one another! Cocojor NEW In-House Finance Program "Loan and Learn Program" maybe a way for you and your Itchy & Stinky Pooch to enjoy this benefit.

  • Interest FREE
  • Pick your machine or course of your choice
  • Access to Cocojor private in-house finance subscription. Each month we will automatic withdraw from your credit card on file.

Schedule now for a One on One to learn more about how you can own Minicle Micro Bubble System!









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